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Welcome to PC Dezigns – Where Dreams Meet Design

My Story

From the earliest days I could hold a crayon, I wasn’t just doodling; I was envisioning blueprints. Those childhood sketches of doorways and windows laid the groundwork for what would become PC Dezigns. 

Over the years, my passion for creation has been honed through expertise in woodworking, welding, and metal fabrication. My journey has been a relentless pursuit of bringing imaginative designs to life-transforming spaces into environments where people can connect, relax, and thrive.

What i do

At PC Designs, I specialize in custom pieces that breathe life into your spaces. Whether it’s designing mini sets for churches, enhancing theaters, or creating vibrant children’s areas, I craft each project with a deep understanding of how aesthetics and functionality can coexist beautifully. My services span from artistic installations to comprehensive building renovations and everything in between.

Community and Commitment

My dedication goes beyond aesthetics. I’m proud to have established a nonprofit organization focused on giving back to the community—providing vehicles to single mothers, widows, and families of deployed military personnel. This initiative is at the heart of my values, reflecting my commitment to making a positive impact through every facet of my work.

Join My Design Journey

I am constantly exploring, growing, and embracing innovative ideas to push the boundaries of design. If you’re looking to transform a space, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s collaborate to turn your vision into reality.

Connect with me today to start your design transformation.

Have a blessed day!

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